What people say about Hayle Youth Centre and what it does…

“Penwith  APA have used Hayle Youth Project for a number of years and is one of our most trusted and reliable outside providers. I am particularly impressed by their work with the Young Girls Group and the Nurture group for young men.

The strength of Hayle Youth Project is their willingness to work with students who are often disenfranchised from the educational system focusing on their interests to foster a strong personal relationship. This relationship is often the start of a more critical process that develops resilience and tolerance with the wider aspects of education and life in general. They become “trusted adults” of the students and this often leads to them being vital members of the on-going provision for these students contributing to their educational journey through the various meetings and plans in place to enable the students to transition back to a more mainstream setting.”

Gary Owens, Principal, Penwith Alternative Provision Academy

I am writing to compliment you and your team for your hard work in supporting children and young people in the Hayle community in Cornwall.  In particular we appreciate your expertise and commitment in working with children and young people who have moderate mental health difficulties.  Your way of working is in keeping with our present Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) philosophy of working with me as a Senior Primary Mental Health Worker.I hope that this letter can be helpful in supporting your agency in securing any strategic funding or support so that your good work can continue.

Lesley Leadbeater, Senior primary mental health worker

The Hayle Youth Project has been a key partnership for me since the start of our project. We have worked closely when setting up appropriate educational programs for NEET young people and/or young people with drug or alcohol misuse problems. They have been an invaluable place to signpost young people onto for a wide range of activities and services ranging from sexual health advice and guidance right through to exciting summer programs and adventurous activities. Equally they are always making appropriate and clear referrals onto our drug and alcohol service. I can always count on their professional staff team to provide appropriate and well thought out interventions which are uniquely tailored and responsive to individual young people’s needs. This is a really valuable project and one which is fundamentally important not only to young people but the community of Hayle and the surrounding area.

John Mackenzie, Aspire co-ordinator

Working with this provision has certainly reinforced my faith within multi-organisational integration within this sector and what we are all trying to achieve and accomplish for young people within Cornwall. The services within HYP, which we at the YMCA could not provide has opened up more opportunities for the young people we work with and the workers here have made us feel welcome and supported. We are very grateful for how willing they have been.

Lucie-May Golbourn, Youth support, YMCA Cornwall

We are hugely impressed with the team and the work that they do. All the students have really enjoyed the sessions. They found them challenging and rewarding. They learnt a lot and we have seen a real change in their attitude and behaviour following their return.The team were punctual in picking up the students. They were friendly and very professional both in their dealings with staff and students. Feedback was quick to come and very thorough.

Stephen Blaney, Deputy Headteacher, Mount’s Bay School

Hayle Youth Project (HYP) has been working in partnership with the public services team at Cornwall College for over 18 months. As a college we have run one very successful course with the HYP and are currently running the second. The course originally offered was the BTEC Edexcel Entry Level Award in the Public Services (QCF). The students that are brought to us by the HYP tend to be youths aged 14 to 18 whom are NEET and or vulnerable adults. Our first course saw an intake of 11 students with various needs. We were delighted to achieve a 91% success rate which from reflection can be attributed towards the extra support the students received from the staff at the HYP outside of college. Based on the success of the last course the course has changed to a higher level and allows the student to achieve the BTEC Edexcel Level 1 Certificate in Public Services. Students who have completed the first course have gone on to gain employment or gone into education as a result of their achievements within the HYP and the College. Outside of the course the HYP has offered drop in support to students studying on full time courses at their offices in Hayle. I have no doubt that the service provided to the youths that HYP provides an outstanding and beneficial opportunity to a varied and diverse range of young people within Cornwall.

Richard Dryer, Program lead public services, Cornwall College

We have worked with the Hayle Youth Project for several years and cannot speak more highly of their in-put. They have worked with many different pupils in a one-to-one situation, dealing with a huge variety of issues. The support offered has been weekly until the pupil has felt it is no longer required. This support has been valuable, constructive and reliable. The advice given is helpful and supportive and just right for the young person. At present they are working with approximately 20 of our pupils on a regular one to one basis. Pupils have also engaged in the holiday activities, either from direct referral or from the one-to one sessions. This has provided a lifeline to young people who become isolated and despondent during the school breaks. There is also the offer of group work and we are at present organising a young girl’s Group which will provide practical support for 10 young people. They also provide educational support and a variety of courses to those who are not in main stream education for one reason or another and sometimes provide the bridge that encourages pupils back into education. Their work is truly appreciated by us and by the young people they work with.  In short we could not offer the pastoral support required by young people without their help.

Joy Moore, Pupil support officer, Hayle Community School